A-Morphous Morphology

A-Morphous Morphology presents a new theory of the structure of words, as it relates to a full generative grammar of language. It rejects the notion that complex words are built up by concatenating simple minimal signs or morphemes, and proposes instead that word structure is described by a system of rule-governed relations between one word and another. In his book, eminent linguist Stephen Anderson offers a discussion of the implications of his own original position for issues in language change, language typology and the computational analysis of word structure.


• Stephen Anderson is well-known as a scholar in linguistics and the cognitive sciences. His current interests are morphology and also phonology, including American Sign Language phonology

• Morphology as a subject area within linguistics is receiving revived attention. Anderson here offers his own new theory which breaks with classical morphology and is more holistic in linguistic structural terms

• This is not a survey of the different positions on morphology, but an important new theory, expansively explained, with discussion of its implications for other issues in linguistics


Series:sCambridge Studies in Linguistics (No. 62)


Publication date:July 1992


Dimensions: 228 x 152 mm

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